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Thank you for choosing to submit your work for consideration for publication.  We know this is sometimes a difficult and seemingly risky choice to make.  We would prefer you think of it as fun, perhaps even exciting.  But before you make your submission we want to outline a few things that we all need to be clear about.

New Montana Voices accepts submissions twice per year.  The first round of submissions will be from October 1st through December 31st.  The second round will open on January 1st and runs through May 31st.  At the end of the second round all meritorious entries from the previous 2 submissions will be compiled into a published paperback formatted literary journal and will be made available free of charge to all person’s whose works are included in the book.  Individuals may submit entries during both rounds of submission, and each individual can submit into any/all of the 3 categories — Poetry, Prose/Fiction/Essay, and Photography.

The top 3 entries in each category, for each round of submissions, will receive a cash award in recognition of their significant contribution to the Arts of Montana.  First place will receive $300, second place will receive $150, and third place will receive $50.  Judging will be performed by individuals experienced in their field — each judge currently judges artistic entries for other literary and artistic journals.

Guidelines for submissions are as follows:

Poetry: You may submit up to 6 poems, each no longer than 50 lines.  Files should be in .docx, .doc, .rtf , or plain .txt format (if other formats are not available).  They should be in 12-pt Times New Roman font (except if using .txt format.)

Prose/Essays/Fiction: You may submit up to 4 entries into this category, each no more than 3000 words. Files should be in .docx, .doc, .rtf , or plain .txt format (if other formats are not available).  They should be in 12-pt Times New Roman font and set to ‘Double Space’ (except if using .txt format.)

Photography: You may submit up to 6 photos, each with a maximum size of 8 MB.  They must be in the .jpg format and include the photos relevant exif data for inclusion in the publication.

Naturally, whatever the submission, it must be your original work and you must have rights to it.  New Montana Voices will not restrict you from submitting and hopefully having published the same work in another magazine (we will, in fact, cheer should that come to pass).

All contest winners and all entrants whose work is chosen for publication will receive notification from the editors sometime shortly after each round of submissions close.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to email us at or from our contact page:

Without further ado, click the ‘Submission’ button below to begin your submission.  If you already have an account at then you will be asked to sign in, otherwise you’ll need to set up an account (consisting of a one-time request for Name, Email, Address, Phone, and Password — you will login with your email address and password in the future).  After either signing in, or creating the account, you will be taken to the ‘New Montana Voices (High School Aged Artists in Montana’ submission location.  There you will be asked to provide some further information:

  • Title of your submission
  • Biographical Note for inclusion in the publications
  • Name of your high school or a description of your current educational setting (homeless, incarcerated, residential treatment, etc.)
  • Name of the person in your educational history who has provided you with the most guidance, encouragement, or teaching in your growth as an artist.

Finally, you will find a button for uploading your file(s) for submission.  Again — if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at: